January 15, Silea Parish Center (Tv)
Concert for Silea's nursery
March 23, Children Hospital hall of Padua
Concert for Il Sogno di Stefano (Stefano's Dream)
May 14, villa Bettanini, Peraga di Vigonza
Concert for the book launch
May 29, Fistomba park
June 13, S. Bonaventura di Cadoneghe Parish Church (Pd)
Concert for Francesco
September 28 S. Rita Church (Pd)
concert with Summertime Choir
November 19, Modigliani Auditorium, Pd
Choral review for
December 4, Silea parish Center (Tv)
December 13, S. Sofia Church (Pd)
Concert for Il Sogno di Stefano (Stefano's Dream)
December 18, municipal gym of Saccolongo,
Christmas Concert
December 23, Vigonza Theatre
Choral Review

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