Veneto Banca Scpa People's Bank Group works with its network of agencies from the North to the Centre of Italy including Rome. Veneto Banca has been fulfilling an important function as GUP and deals with the Group society management and provides services to their subsidiaries. Its purpose is to optimize the economies of scale by stimulating synergies and efficiencies. Area knowledge, quick and exhaustive response and effective solution offer, these are features that made Veneto Banca growing more and more by taking care of their clients.

It has been supporting Summertime Choir activities for 3 years especially their Christmas big concerts in Padua in prestigious locations such as Gran Teatro Geox and Palafabris Arena. Thanks to Veneto Banca and Veneto Banca Foundation, Summertime Choir managed its concerts operating costs and donated its big date profits to Nuova Famiglia Association. Cooperating and sharing important values like solidarity and focus on youth make Veneto Banca a very important partner belonging to Summertime family.

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